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East Lansing, MI

Online home of creator, writer, technologist, music lover, and world traveler, Jared Weseman.


Sounds of April 2015

Jared Weseman

Spring has finally begun, and its time for some upbeat and easy-listening tracks for a sunny spring afternoon. Enjoy the playlist that starts slow and builds to the hottest single from Kendrick Lamar.

Rivers In Your Mouth - Ben Howard

English singer-songwriter Ben Howard begins this month's playlist with his minimal, lyrically-driven, talent. I was a fan of Ben Howard's first album from 2011, but was unaware that he dropped another in October of last year entitled I Forget Where We Were. This is the latest single from that release that I haven't had time to give a full listen through, but I assure you it has been moved to the top of my to-do list. 

Homesick - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen are great indie rock band from Wales that will be on a European festival tour this summer. This song is the first single that was released in 2013 from their debut album, The Balcony, released last year. The song and album are a great listen that are sure to please. 

Hold Back the River - James Bay

British singer-songwriter James Bay is a joy to listen to. Fresh off of a Brit Award for Critic's Choice, the student of music has released his debut album, Chaos and the Calm, topping the charts in three countries. This track, Hold Back the River, has gotten the most radio play and is a good taster for the full-length experience. The Album is fantastic, listen to it now.

St Jude - Florence + The Machine

What can I say about Florence Welch? Her voice is stunning. She is without a doubt one of my favorite female vocalists and I am so excited that Her and The Machine are back at it. This is the second single released from an upcoming Florence + The Machine album, the first since 2011. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful will be released this June to much anticipation.

Seasons - Olly Murs

Olly Murs released this single last fall, but I was just exposed to it through the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. Murs, who's fourth album Never Been Better, released in November, was a runner up on the X-Factor. He has been able to pump out lots of top-40 songs in Europe with even a few making it to the US. This song is a nice up tempo track perfect for spring.

Worship - Years & Years

Years & Years is my favorite group right now. Olly Alexander has a high pitched voice that speaks to me. Their first studio album, Communion is going to be released in June. I just hope that there are some songs on it that I haven't heard before. This song, about worshiping a partner and promising to keep a relationship quiet to keep it going, is great. Each song that has been released causes me to fall deeper in love with this group.

Treasured Soul - Michael Calfan

This paired with the previous song bring us into our shorter-than-usual Electronic section of this month's playlist. Michael Calfan, a french DJ and music producer hits hard with a great dance track that I will be listening to all month.

What I did for Love - David Guetta (feat. Emeli Sandé)

This single pulled from David Guetta's most recent album Listen, features beautiful vocals from two-time Brit winner, Emeli Sande. The track has a great beat as is usually provided by David Guetta. Emeli's first solo album, Our Version of Events, was a favorite a couple of years back, and I am excited for her upcoming second album. 

Stronger - Clean Bandit

Clean Bandit is on a run, they first gained exposure for their 2010 track, Mozart's House and hit it big in 2014 with Grammy-winning tune,  Rather Be. This is the album version of the Song from their 2014 debut, New Eyes featuring vocals from Years & Years front-man Olly Alexander. There is currently a re-released single getting European airplay, featuring two other vocalists Alex Newell and Sean Bass. You can hear that version, which is also great, here

In the Summer - IAMDYNAMITE

IAMDYNAMITE is somewhat of a local band for me. The indie-rock duo comes from Ann Arbor, Michigan and gained critical exposure for their debut album SUPERMEGAFANTASTIC. The group is back again with this up-tempo spring/summer track from a forthcoming album. The tune is great and sure to be on repeat for a while.

The Seeds You Sow - Prides

This song and group is a recent discovery for me. Prides is a Scottish synthpop band that was formed in 2013 in Glasgow. This song was released over a year ago, but I think fits in well with the overall theme of this month's playlist. The band has released another newer single this month that is currently getting UK airplay and may be headed our way soon. From what I've heard so far, I hope a full-length album won't be far behind.

Street Fight - Smallpools

Four-piece American indie pop band Smallpools had a hit in the US Alternative chart in 2013 with their debut track Dreaming and they released an EP that same year but have been pretty quiet since. Their first full length album dropped on March 23rd and is great. I suggest taking a listen through LOVETAP! as soon as you get a chance, it will be well worth it.

Give Me A Try - The Wombats

I'm featuring a single from The Wombats for the second month in a row for good reason, this one is also great. The solidifies my high-hopes for their upcoming album. Put this on repeat.

Home - Madeon

Madeon is a French house producer who has been composing and performing music since he started on YouTube when he was only 11 years old. His 2012 EP brought fantastic original music along with burgeoning success. In recent years he has produced songs for massive artists like Lady Gaga, Muse, and Ellie Goulding. Now 20, Madeon finally released his first full-length album last week and will be supporting it with a North American tour this summer. Adventure is a great collection of tracks we have heard before and fresh ones sure to blow up. 

King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar

There isn't much I can say about this HUGE track from Kendrick's HUGE album To Pimp a Butterfly that hasn't already been said. I considered writing a full review of the Album, which isn't just a collection of singles but a poetic narrative that is the best album of the year so far. Kendrick is already being considered one of the best rappers of his time. I highly suggest reading this review on The Verge that adequately sums up my thoughts on another amazing rap album from 2015.

So those are my picks for April, what are you listening to? 

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Sounds of March 2015

Jared Weseman

The cold is beginning to break, at least for the weekend here in Michigan, and things are looking up. Here are the songs I'm listening to the most this month. We start slow and push the tempo. Click play on the Rdio playlist above to listen to them for free, Enjoy!

Morning - Beck

Beck begins this month's playlist with one of the opening tracks from Morning Phase. Morning Phase won a Grammy for both Best Rock Album and Album of the year, bringing Beck's collection of Grammy awards to five. Obviously the whole album is worth a complete listen-through.

Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has grown from an artist that I casually liked, to one that I actively listen to as one of my favorites. His most recent album, Multiply (X), has elevated him to that status. His songwriting is excellent and captivating. I'm not the only one taking notice, Ed has also had a very successful awards season. The Yorkshire native was nominated for 3 Grammy's and 2 BRIT awards, taking home the latter two for Best Album and Best British Male Solo Artist. 

Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has probably been my favorite pop artist for two and a half years. Halcyon, released in 2012 is, without a doubt, my most listened to album over that time period. Since the last album was re-released with extra tracks in 2013, Ellie has been pumping out regular singles and collaborations with other artists. Her next studio album, due to be released this year is one I look forward to with great anticipation. This song has proven to be extremely popular and has topped the charts in over 20 countries.

Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

I have very little exposure to this British Indie band, other than their popular song from 2010, Jump Into The Fog. This track is a fantastic reminder of why they are worth listening to. Their next album, Glitterbug, will be released on 6 April 2015, I look forward to checking it out.

Earned It - The Weeknd

The Weeknd's voice is incredible—full stop. This track is the second on this Month's playlist to come from the soundtrack of the Hollywood adaptation of Fifty Shades of Gray. While I haven't seen the film myself, I am pleased it was made simply because of the Soundtrack, its worth a listen.

Legend - Drake

A lot has been said about Drake's surprise album, If You're Reading this It's Too Late, which dropped unexpectedly on February 13th. Most hardcore fans only expected a mixtape, not a full-fledged album, was it simply to fulfill a contractual obligation? It doesn't matter. Drake has established himself as one of the best rapper's of this decade, this song shows that he knows it. 

Julia - Jungle

Each single released from Modern Soul group Jungle's self-titled album has a very similar sound. This is not a problem in the slightest, it is unique, easy-listening, feel-good music. After each single is released and cemented in my mind, I fall deeper in love with the sound. Jungle is here to stay, I can't wait for what they have next.

Say My Name - Odesza (feat. Zyra)

I am a serious fan of electronic music, if you were not already aware. Odesza is a Seattle-based Electronic Duo that I was first exposed to watching Ben Brown's daily vlogs. This song which is brought to life by the vocals of the Managing Editor of Notion Magazine, Zyra, is as fantastic as the rest of the album. 

King - Years & Years

This is my favorite song of the playlist. Years & Years, a currently-exploding electronic trio from London, is the winner of the BBC Sound of 2015. Their first full-length album is due later this year, but a 4-track EP called Y & Y is available now. All four songs, plus others from YouTube, have been on non-stop repeat since I first heard them. I do not anticipate that ending anytime soon.

I Loved You - Blonde (feat. Melissa Steele)

Blonde is a Deep-House duo also from the UK that is bursting onto the dance scene with this excellent track with vocals from Melissa Steele. While this is their third single, its the first with regular airplay on BBC Radio 1, and therefore widespread popularity. This is just the beginning for this group, I'm sure that there are more quality tunes on the way and I can't wait. 

Pray to God - Calvin Harris (feat. Haim)

Another hit from Old-Reliable. Calvin has discovered exactly what it takes to create songs that captivate people and make them want to move, he pumps out Top 40 hit after Top 40 hit. While Calvin's music may epitomize House music becoming mainstream in the early 21st century, it is undeniable that it is good. The sixth single from Motion features American Sister-trio Haim on vocals will be on repeat for a while. 

Can't Stop Playing - Dr Kucho! and Gregor Salto (Oliver Heldens and Gregor Salto Remix)

From mainstream-house to the stuff a little too out-there for Top 40 in the US. I'm obsessed with this song. It's bass-heavy, extremely repetitive, and exactly what I want to listen to right now. This is a remix of Can't Stop Playing, another example of some of the excellent work done by Oliver Heldens. While I like this and the original, I think this one just hits harder.

Promesses - Tchami (feat. Kareem Taylor)

Continuing on the more obscure theme is this excellent track from a French DJ previously-unknown to me, Tchami. This is the first popular original track from Tchami and has charted at number 7 on the UK charts.

Imagination - Gorgon City (feat. Katy Menditta)

Turn up the Bass. Gorgon City is another electronic group with varying featured artists on vocals, how original. I joke, I love this group. The whole album, entitled Sirens, is great. The most popular tracks, Ready for Your Love and Go All Night, are also great, but I think this is the track that everyone should be listening to.  

I Want You to Know - ZEDD (feat. Selena Gomez)

We end on another mainstream house track. This song, just released a couple weeks ago, features Selena Gomez and is sure to prove popular. Russian-German producer ZEDD has been releasing massive collaborations for a few years now, and this track is exactly what we have come to expect, I think it is a nice high-BPM way to end the playlist. 


So those are my picks for March, what are you listening to? 

Make sure to follow my on Rdio to keep track of all of my Playlists and musical selections (even the embarrassing ones):

Sounds of August 2014

Jared Weseman

Here are the songs I'm listening to this month, that I think you should check out. Click play on the Rdio playlist above to listen to them for free.

Hunger of The Pine - Alt J

This song is just fantastic, it samples Miley Cyrus and is my favorite song on repeat at the moment. Alt J is back at it, I can't wait for the new album, the first is fantastic.

Budapest - George Ezra

George Ezra is like Jake Bugg in the fact that neither sounds like they are in their early twenties. Worth a listen just for his voice. 

Stay With Me - Sam Smith

Like George, Sam Smith has a hell of a voice, but in a totally different way. Sam's voice is heavily influenced by woman vocalists like Whitney Houston, and it shows. The whole album, In The Lonely Hour, is worth a listen, especially if you are in a melancholy mood. 

Fucked My Way Up To The Top - Lana Del Rey

What can be said about Lana, she fucked her way up to the top and she isn't ashamed, she may even be proud! Just one selection off of a new album, Ultraviolence, that may take a few listens to love, but one that is a fantastic experience. 

Stay High (Habits Remix) - Tove Lo

Following up Lana is an excellent remix of the song Stay High that got significant airplay in the UK a couple of months back. The song holds up a couple of months later, and begins to up the tempo of the playlist.

Stronger Than Ever - Raleigh Ritchie

Here's what I know about this song: It has British Airplay, the video is odd (what video isn't), and Raleigh Ritchie is a stage name for Jacob Anderson....the actor that plays Grey Worm in Game Of Thrones. Oh yeah, its also a great motivational song. 

Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz

Very popular and highly charting song that is a good tune.

Time - Jungle

This song is the first single I heard from Jungle's new self-titled album. Great club/dance record, totally worth a whole listen through. 

Faded - Zhu

Faded is the only song I have heard from Zhu and it took me a while to like it, but once I did, I really did. Check it.

Hideaway - Kiesza

Hideaway was number 1 in the UK charts a few months back and has an amazing video to match. It is just now charting here in the US, so I am listening to it another time holds up.

Tremor - Dimitri Vegas, Martin Garrix & Like Mike

Time to really pick it up for a few minutes. This collaboration between some three very talented DJs is a bass monster that will make you crank it. 

Satisfy - Nero

You'll want to keep it turned up for the latest single from Nero. All I have to say is i'm obsessed with it. 

URL Badman - Lily Allen

A song about Lily's haters/trolls truly shows Lily's uniqueness in a catchy song. Been loving this one for a while.

Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne) - Clean Bandit

This song was a UK #1 like 8-9 months ago, but we are just getting on it in the States, it doesn't matter though because its so fucking good.

F For You - Disclosure

Wrapping it up is a Disclosure song that has been out there for over a year, but it is still one of my favorites off of the fantastic album, Settle.


So those are my picks for August, what did I miss? 

Make sure to follow my on Rdio to keep track of all of my Playlists and musical selections (even the embarrassing ones).

Welcome to My New Website!

Jared Weseman

Hello there, welcome to the new This is my new home on the web, a single place where I can collect everything I create and every way to contact me in one place. 

The site includes a Blog,  my most recent Videos, and my most recent Podcasts. It also includes a detailed about me section with communication methods. The site is the one place to go for anything about me. 

The most important section of the new site in my mind is the Blog. I have always wanted to blog regularly writing both short and more detailed posts about my life and my thoughts. You can expect a wide ranging selection of content on the blog. Ranging from a column on the latest tech announcement, to a cultural commentary, to reviews of the latest music, to deep philosophical questions, or something as simple as a hilarious video. Everything is fair game, and I intend to post regularly. Think of it as another outlet for my thoughts, because who doesn't want to know my opinion on everything?

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see me discuss, or any questions, please leave them in comments below.

So I say again, welcome. I'm glad your here, and I hope you find what you are looking for.