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East Lansing, MI

Online home of creator, writer, technologist, music lover, and world traveler, Jared Weseman.


Welcome to My New Website!

Jared Weseman

Hello there, welcome to the new This is my new home on the web, a single place where I can collect everything I create and every way to contact me in one place. 

The site includes a Blog,  my most recent Videos, and my most recent Podcasts. It also includes a detailed about me section with communication methods. The site is the one place to go for anything about me. 

The most important section of the new site in my mind is the Blog. I have always wanted to blog regularly writing both short and more detailed posts about my life and my thoughts. You can expect a wide ranging selection of content on the blog. Ranging from a column on the latest tech announcement, to a cultural commentary, to reviews of the latest music, to deep philosophical questions, or something as simple as a hilarious video. Everything is fair game, and I intend to post regularly. Think of it as another outlet for my thoughts, because who doesn't want to know my opinion on everything?

If you have any ideas on what you would like to see me discuss, or any questions, please leave them in comments below.

So I say again, welcome. I'm glad your here, and I hope you find what you are looking for.